Daily Stand-up Game


The Daily Scrum Game is a card game that help the Scrum teams learn to perform the Daily Scrum in an efficient way and get full value out of it. The teams learn through repetitive reinforcements to correct behavior and build new habits, encouraging self-organization.


  • it helps the team focus more on collaboration and synchronization rather than just updating the status

  • keeps meeting short and focused

  • helps team keep the format and not miss a question

  • keeps the energy level up and makes it FUN

  • fosters self-organization in team when scrum master is out of the game

  • great practice for scrum masters to sharpen his/her facilitation skills

Game Description


during Daily Stand-up


Scrum Team (SM plus Dev Team plus PO)


Team starts the Daily meeting and once every team member provides his/her update, the Scrum Master is paying attention to the conversation. Once a Daily rule is being broken, he/she shows a card to the speaker. Each card brings one penalty point on the table illustrated by a broken heart. Whoever does not get a Card until the end of the Daily becomes the Stand-up Winner (there can be one or more Winners). He/she gets a Stand-up Winner Card for encouragement. Whoever gets one or more cards (Shame! Shame! needs to learn from his mistake and next time try to be a Winner. 


*when one team member has an obstacle and needs support to find a solution, whoever supports him gets a Support Hero Card. If the Hero has already a card, the team will forgive him

*when a team member gets a card and does not agree, he can show the Are You Serious Card, the team will decide if the card makes sense or not.

*after one week (or more), the SM leaves the team members to act upon each other and to give one another cards, if they break the rules/ask for help. This encourages self-organization

*Icon made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com