Agile Stand-up Game

the card game

Game Rules

Game Description

    During the first days, the Scrum Master holds the 5 cards and shows them to the team members, once a dysfunction is identified.

       After a few days the Team itself receive the cards and they can use them against each other to uncover dysfunctions and correct behaviour, as well as highlighting a positive change.

    The focus is on the fun element and learning from the game to perform a better Daily and get value out of it. 

Game Benefits

You LEARN why we do Dailies and bring real VALUE to the meeting

Do a FUN activity and break out the monotony

Support Self-Organization in Team

Identify dysfunctions that are repeating and lead to a bigger issue

Measure Progress

Game Events

Conferences and Game Nights

All about the Game


To be added

we are working on it

Download Resources

More to learn about the Daily

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Presentation to introduce cards:

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