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New to Agile? - How Do You LEARN?

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

If you are new to Agile and wish to learn more to develop yourself as Scrum Master/Agile Coach, you will realize at the beginning that this will be a long journey. At that point, many will give up, however some will continue.

There are four important questions that you will be concerned:

  1. Why should I learn?

  2. What should I learn?

  3. How much should I learn?

  4. How does my BRAIN work?

Let's have a look one-by-one:

1. Before you start learning you need a GOAL, just like in any other Agile Project. Once you understand what you want to achieve, it will be easier for you to structure your work and speed to meet your goal.

Tips: I first started with the Agile Planning Onion.

You may also use EduScrum and organize your Learning process in Sprints, you set up a Sprint Backlog with your learning tasks and at the end of the Sprint you inspect and adapt.

2. If your goal is to become a Scrum Master/Agile Coach, you may use my inspiration list as a start, I will add some more resources on the go.

3. If you don't believe in the 10,000 hours rule, you still need time to learn what you do not know to reach mastery.

Tips: When commuting to work/waiting at the doctor/jogging you can read (e)books, articles, listen to podcasts, webinars. Don't try to recover in one day what you did not achieve in one week, learn every day, even if sometimes you can only do it for 30 minutes.

4. We all agreed you have a lot to learn, so how much information can your brain retain? I would like to share with you two interesting links I found that can help you make an idea about the challenge.

Once you understand how your brain works, you are ready to START your Agile Journey!

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