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Agile Professional | CSM | CPO

As a Scrum professional I guide teams build customer tailored products, while enabling an environment where people can grow.

I am very passionate about agility and my wish is to help Teams and Organizations achieve their goals while creating a high performing environment where people can be motivated and deliver value.


Agile Coach

I believe AGILITY is a mindset for growth, for progress, for making dreams become reality. 

To have great ACHIEVEMENTS is not an easy thing and agility does not work without hard work and collaboration.

I help teams achieve their deams and go beyond.


Agile Coach

Rade is an agilist who coaches organizations, teams, colleagues, and friends, sometimes even family members and pets (when they tolerate it).

He’s been working in agile since 2010 and loves it. He worked in development teams at the beginning of his career, so he knows how it feels to be on the other side as well.

He enjoys helping people and seeing them succeed

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