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Agile People Who Inspire Me

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

If you search for a particular Agile topic on the Internet, it usually retrieves so many results, you grow old while going through.

Read a lot does not mean read anything you find out there. This is one of the most important things I learned from my Scrum Alliance Trainer, Pierluigi Pugliese, read high quality materials to push you forward (articles, webinars, interviews). What you learn from others is what you will share with your teams/organizations. Garbage in - garbage out. How do you know if one article/webinar/podcast is valuable? - well, you just feel it.

When you want to start on your Agile Journey I suggest you get a mentor to guide you or simply find people in the world who can inspire you.

Here is a list of people who inspired me, my online mentors, that you can use as a start for your learning journey. Only going through their websites and reading their books, listening to their webinars, online training and other online resources, will keep you busy for a lot of time and will ensure great quality knowledge:

I hope by articles can inspire you as much as these people inspired me. If not, cancel/ignore :)

Photo by Thomas Kinto on Unsplash

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