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Cool Retrospectives - Feedback Culture

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Feedback Retrospective - when team members do not speak to each other the truth

Scope: help teams to be more open to each other and bring the elephants into discussions.

Group people in pairs of two (organize the split with intention, who should speak to whom) and let them have feedback sessions.


Ana and Michael are not working very well together, they do not collaborate too much and they are also working in different towns.

Let them have the following discussion: (5 mins each)

1. What feels best while working with me?

2. What doesn't work so well? Is there anything we can do to improve our working together?

3. What are your greatest obstacles that you want me to know about while working with you?

4. What would you recommend me to help me improve my work?

After they finish change pairs and ask the same questions. At the end we go round robin and everybody shares what he/she learned about working with his/her colleagues.

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