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Agile Resume - R U Ready?

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

When an Agile Coach applies for a similar open position, the classical application process should not be an option, simply because it just does not match. As an Agile Coach you learn to value Outcomes over Outputs, therefore you need to Inspect and Adapt and find the best solution for this event.

I just could not provide my resume in the same way I did with my previous experience, this time I need to show something else, my achievements with teams and the complex work environment that I worked in.

Here is my understanding of how an Agile resume should look like when applying for a Scrum Master/Agile Coach position.



Relevant blog/posts/books/articles/podcasts/conference speaker

Inventor of…….

Belief as a SM/Agile Coach

Previous Companies – Teams, Achievements & Outcomes

- Complexity and organizational environment @work

- Trainings offered

- Events organization

- Experience with Feedback sessions

Other non-Agile experience




Technical knowledge

Of course you need t make it shine and look good. Digital post-its allowed :)

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