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Daily Stand-up Manifesto

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

The items on the left bring us the best value and help us perform an efficient Daily Stand-up Meeting.

Team Connection OVER Status Update

Simple but Specific OVER Generic Information

Outcomes Mapped to a Goal OVER Creation of Output 

Highlight Relevant Topics OVER Problem Solving and Storytelling

The Manifesto could be a starting point in teaching the Daily Stand-up Meeting to new team members/teams on their Agile journey. It focuses on the valuable items while signaling the anti-patterns.

If you draw it on a Flipchart/Board, this could become a useful information radiator in the team corner, reminding the team members anytime about how to get the best out of the Daily Stand-up Meeting.

Why should we bother about this meeting? It just takes place every day and almost 260 times a year!!!

Any ideas to improve it? Any designs proposals? Let me know.

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