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Good Morning My Remote Team - Goodbye My Remote Team :)

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Communication while working with remote teams is a greater challenge than while working with co-located teams.

This is why GOOD Scrum Masters need to focus double on anything (tools, meetings, structure, format, talks, etc..), while GREAT Scrum Masters learn to cherish the power of SMALL things.

In my experience as an Agile Coach I learned you need to make more use of the "s" size approaches :

LESS is more - take less in the Sprint to achieve more

Keep It Simple - MVP rules

Little Strokes Fell Great Oaks - Customer feedback (a small input from your customer you oversaw can ruin your whole project from roots)

Even the GREATEST oaks started as a SMALL seed - start small, grow on the way

One SMALL thing I used to do with one remote team I worked with was to say Hello in the morning on Chat and Goodbye in the evening. Small, but strong. Not only did it help me build a great BOND with the people that were distributed, but it lead to greater TRUST with minimal effort.

This was one of my experiments I loved doing.

What about you, do you experiment? Do you have a backlog of experiments?

Happy experimenting day!

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